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Citibank Home Partner-i

Satu lagi produk pembiayaan perumahan Islamik berdasarkan konsep “Diminishing Musharakah”.


Citibank Home Partner-i is a home financing that works at lightening the financial burden of our customers by providing both security and savings. Customers enjoy the security of a capped rate and greater savings from an array of value added features.

Bound by a firm yet compassionate code of ethics, Citibank Home Partner-i aims at lightening our customers’ financial burden by providing both SECURITY & SAVINGS.

Capped rates* : Unlike other Islamic Home Financing which are based on fixed rates, Citibank Home Partner-I is based on floating rates that comes with a cap. With this, when the Base Financing Rates (BFR) are low, you get to enjoy low rates. But when the BFR rates rises above the capped rates, you monthly payment will still be based on the capped rates. This provides security unmatched by none currently.
Minimal late payment fee : Compensation fee of 1% on the outstanding monthly payment amount
Flexible Payment : You can make early or extra payments in any amount, at anytime. No notice required, no fees imposed.
Daily Calculation : This provides immediate savings on any early or extra payments made.
Payment Holiday* : Skip 1 month of payment to ease your cashflow.
Stamp Duty Discount : Enjoy 20% reduction*.
Takaful’s Benefit : Annual Profit Distribution if no claims are made during the covered period.
What You Need
  • Income tax returns – latest Form J or EA Form
  • Copy of NRIC
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement or Title or Booking Receipt
  • Letter from employer and last 3 months’ salary slips
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Forms 24 and 49 (business registration forms, if applicable)

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